17 September, 2010

the getaway

and i found myself standing, gazing, just below the bright night sky, rediscovering for the thousandth time the marvels a clear night can hold. and how i wish you could have been there with me.

last week's weekend took me outside of bergen for the first time, the occasion: my taking a step forward in making the best out of these five months and joining the university's men's choir Mannskoret Arme Riddere. there was an introductory weekend with cheesy initiation rites, wholehearted singing and avid drinking. sometimes even fifty cases of beer can be insufficient.

this weekend is visitation time and i look forward to dear claire arriving on friday (with hands and bags full of booze hopefully). we plan to be hitting the clubs, diskjokke at electric cafe, more specifically, looks particularly enticing. any of you bergen kids game?

as for my mental health: i keep recognizing faces of once familiar persons in the streets. though impossible to actually meet justin from burbank, wa here in norway, my brain keeps playing these tricks on me. what gives?

no do's and dont's this time, but rather a link to a very readable blog of a friend of mine. julia is blogging about her life in berlin as a young mother and general slacker: my post-it diary

word of the day: paraply (regenschirm)


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